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Hi there! I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Mama Bear, better known as Michelle. I’m a 40-something mom to three mostly-grown cubs, and I’ve been married to Papa Bear since 1989. As bear families go, we’ve got a pretty good thing going.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but never truly found a way to incorporate that love of the written word into my life in a meaningful way until I hit a personal crossroads. I found myself facing middle age, with no real idea of how I wanted to spend my so-called “second act” since I’d spent most of the first caring for other people and not myself.

I also began to notice I was having a lot of similar conversations with a lot of people of all walks of life. A lot of the conversations revolved around feeling “stuck” or dissatisfied or frustrated with our lives in general. I also noticed how reluctant a lot of us were to engage in what I call “real talk” about what was going on in our lives. You know what I mean – the stuff that lies beneath the shimmery, shiny Facebook statuses and posed family portraits.

The other thing I noticed was that (as my family is sometimes quick to remind me), I almost always have something to say when someone’s having a rough time. And I’ve been told quite often that I give good advice and that I’m a good listener. Since the Dear Abby gig is already taken and Oprah has left a huge void, I thought, “Why not combine my love of writing and my insane need to push my advice on others and have some fun with it?”

I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, and the struggle continues. I try to maintain a positive attitude to help deal with these issues, but some days that’s easier than others. This blog is also a way for me to share my struggles and successes with others and maybe gain some understanding of how this all works.

And thus Mama Bear Said So was born. And here you are. And here I am. Are you ready for some real talk? Thought so.

Michelle Frost - The Humourous Mama Bear

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