Day 26: Temptation

prince 2

This is another song from “Around the World in a Day” – the final track on the album.

The song starts right away with a blistering guitar solo that leads immediately into a classic bump and grind and all of this melts into one of Prince’s sexiest songs ever, in my humble opinion. He does some amazing vocal theatrics in the song, but at its core, it’s just sexy, but it’s also much more. He begins the song talking about how everyone in the world has a vice (and his is obviously sexual) and by the end of the song, a higher being comes to him and shows him the error of his ways. He now understands that “love is more important than sex” and promises to be good. Yet another example of Prince’s mixing of sex and faith and his constant effort to reconcile the two, given society’s beliefs and some religious beliefs.

Click on the photo below to listen to “Temptation”.

Talk about purple electricity…

Peace and b wild,

Michelle O(+>

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