Day 29: DMSR

dmsr mix

I really hope everyone’s heard this one, but I don’t really want to take any chances. Talk about your straight-up, no question funk anthem – this is it.

“DMSR” (or “Dance Music Sex Romance”) was a sure way to drive everybody to the dance floor back in the day.  I believe it even made an appearance in the movie “Risky Business”.  It’s from the “1999” album. And it’s not such a bad philosophy when you get right down to it. Later on in his career after he converted to Jehovah’s Witness, he switched up the lyrics a bit, but it didn’t take away from how absolutely amazing this song really is.

So here, without further ado, “DMSR”. Enjoy your Saturday night! (Click on the photo.)

prince dmsr

Peace and b wild,

Michelle O(+>

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